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  • Re: Can't get my battery charged

    While the plates are 'seasoning' would the SG remain low?

    Possibly,  you could move the Absorb up incrementally, in 2 / 10 's of a Volt towards  the Commissioning Voltage and watch it carefully.
    Did you notice vigorous gassing off when you did the first EQ?  No bubbles = no EQ.
    Do you have temp compensation turned ON?
  • Re: Maine Island Cabin Solar Needs

    this is the time to include the Solar panels etc, so they fit in well with the rest of the set up... ;)
    I'm thinking about wiring AC and DC here,  hook ups etc. ,as well as where it will all go,  etc etc

  • Re: OLED television screens are here now

    It will take a lot of 'beaming' to get me to lay down $30,000 for a TV!!!
    Insanity doesn't run in my family....or does it?
  • Re: Simple LiFePO4 battery bank for DIY?

    and if you plan for 2 days of autonomy, 1 extra day before it needs to be charged, it will still last 3000 cycles and have a lifetime that is 2 x longer than you currently expect as a cycle is every 2 days , not 1 day...
  • Re: Failure of mc4 connectors

    I have 3 brands of  MC4 connectors on 3 brabnds of PV panels... all 3 brands work as they are supposed to,  so long as they are mated with the same make!   .
    To clarify  this discussion Solray's statement needs a small addition,
    mc4 are also a crimp connection with a way to disconnect that does not involve cutting wires and if you buy good quality double contact type they virtually never fail barring abuse or misuse of the connector, when used with the same make