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  • Re: Security system for an off-grid cabin?      agreed....this was the go to company when I was searching for simple protection while under construction. It worked well for a couple years. The alarm could be heard over a mile away...perhaps I sprung for the more expensive external alarm? I can't remember for sure.

    Now my shop is 8000 feet and requires more than a 12 volt cabin alarm. It is unfortunate that my recent experiences with high tech security have not gone well at all. A system may work on my laptop. Then mysteriously refuse to work on my smartphone. People will say "You should be able to get it to work". Well....what if I can't?

    So many high tech problems so often that I have literally thrown in the towel. I suspect that utterly abysmal cell phone service has a lot to do with the problems. Latest security measure? A wolf/pit bull pup. He is a pooping machine whose "activities" can get expensive. Losing plenty of sleep with the "activities" of three dogs. Some is fun. Some is not.

    Some people say that crooks are smart. I disagree. I think they are exceedingly lazy and completely free of any ethical boundaries. Make your place tougher than the next guy and 90% will hit the next guy.

    In Norway, you are not supposed to lock your cabin. That is because someone may be stranded and need the shelter. Unlocked cabins in the USA will lose everything of value...including the doors and windows.

    Why am I bitter? Been robbed dozens of times....big, medium, and small robberies. Rental units, unoccupied homes, mail boxes, relative that the government trained to locksmith....on and on. Empty homes are invitations to the criminal element.

    Of interest....we are currently forfeiting more assets to cops than burglars via dubious civil asset forfeiture proceedings without benefit of trial. Burglars still take plenty. They tend to be unemployed and under educated...high school drop outs. Plus the drug addict thing.