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  • Re: New setup off grid camper

    There is a safety concern with running high amps into inverters at 12V  Additionally, the voltage drop issue can quickly become problematic with 12V systems..    2Kw through an inverter at 12V is going to be close to 200A  (load watts + inverter internal losses)
    Same loads on a 24V system = 100A  & via a 48V system only 50A.

    At 200 amps, battery connections can get hot and start to melt the lead terminals, all the crimped connections must be 100% high quality, or they will heat up too, and then you have to deal with heavy, expensive 200A wire

    So only you can evaluate the safety/expense/compatibility tradeoffs, but I'd suggest at least the 24V system.  Do you know how many watts the AC unit consumes? The inverter will have to supply the starting surge for it, which is often 4-10x the running watts.
  • Re: Offgrid power options for crypto mining

    FPG arrays are better ways then general purpose GPU & CPU's (for mining)
  • Re: Looking for a new Inverter for our next system

    Stack 2 of the Xantex/Schneider units.  Stay with the brand you know. 

    Do you need hybrid in the new site ?  Lots of power outages ?  Straight Grid Tie with backup generator is a valid way to avoid batteries ageing to death with no usage
  • Re: New build off-grid

    reconsider the cheap dorm fridge.  They are usually poorly made and not efficient,   The new, full size energy star fridges will consume less power then a dorm fridge (unless it's an energy star model
  • Re: How to size battery and panels to run my well pump.

    How about looking at a new pump?  Grunfos makes some solar pumps, run on a couple solar panels, and a fancy new variable speed pump, that needs no batteries ?

    40A locked rotor (start-up) @230V means the inverter has to supply 9,200watts and then there's going to be some power factor monkey business too.  Can't do that at 12V .