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  • Re: What happens to a panel with sun on it when not connected?

    It's not something to be overly concerned with, electrically the will have no load, so no current flow and since they are designed to sit in the sun for 25+ years and still peform, negligible degredation will occur.
  • Re: Water treatment for over sulfation

    Another 3 months have passed, the cell in question is performing well, pulling it's weight in the string of a parallel bank,, SG  is good, voltages and charge/discharge currents equal. Overall it was a learning experience, something to seriously consider if there is a sulfation problem in one or more cells, but be forewarned it takes time, lots of it, having an alternate source for charging, other than the solar needed for daily use, would be hugely benificial. The battery is going to be replaced and put on lighter duty, a backup with light daily use, sort of a retirement, whilst I further evolve into something  larger. 
  • Re: Water treatment for over sulfation

    Day 2, SG @25 deg.C 1150
    Diluted SG to1050, started EQ
    SG still 1055, very little activity after 1 hour
    increased SG to 1150, continued EQ for 3 hours, termination as batt temperature @40 deg.C, SG 1220, not temperature compensated.
    Will start day 3 with SG reading  @ 25 deg C

    The addition of electrolyte SG 1300, in stags has reduced the gassing to small bubbles, nowhere near the amount of the electrolyte dilution stage, will see what happens tomorrow. Seems like I'm punishing the remainder of the cells for the sake of one, but so be it. 
  • Re: Water treatment for over sulfation

    So day 1 of the water treatment for 1 bad cell
     Start SG, 1220 @ 25 deg C fully charged 
    Recuced SG to 1050, EQ for 1 hour checked  SG 1230 not temperature compensated 
    Reduced SG again to 1050, continued EQ 1 hour, SG  1220
    Reduced SG again to 1050, continued EQ  1hour, SG   1150
    Reduced SG again to 1050, continued EQ but ran out of sun after 45 min SG 1060, battery end temp 34.6 deg C

    The cell was very active, gassing vigorously in a foam of small bubbles with occasional burps, as each hour ended the gassing had slowed but as soon as the electrolyte was further diluted, the action started again. So tomorrow I'll EQ to see if there is any more rise in the SG and if not, will begin the reversal process. My assumption is that as the cell was not completely dead, the time taken is less than a completely sulfated one, but something took place to raise th SG in each step, hope it is just the sulfated material. 
  • Re: Water treatment for over sulfation

    Day 3, SG 1020@25 Deg C, start
    EQ for 3 hours, temp 36 deg C, SG 1024 not temperature compensated 
    Put back into bank for regular service 
    Will see how things progress and wether cycling  changes things.