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  • Re: Cost effective backup system, with future solar

    Raj174 said:
    You might consider an Outback Radian GS4048A. I use mine for backup power and offsetting grid power consumption, average about 9 kWh per day. For larger loads, like a water heater or kitchen range you'll need the GS8048A. The Radians are 120/240 volt
    In addition, the Radians can take a second (generator) AC input, which is pretty much a requirement for any system intended for backup.
  • Re: The future demise of lead acid batteries

    softdown said:
    Good argument for "lithium battery wheels" but I still don't see the "demise of lead batteries." I suspect that if the "solar" lead battery manufacturers made a more robust, higher quality battery that they would very significantly lower the number of bad cells that often spell the end for an entire battery bank.

    Have never studied lithium battery technology. Guessing they are less likely to develop bad cells.

    Once again, I have a bad cell in a 24 volt battery array made up of forklift type 2 volt cells. The battery turns to garbage every night as a result....because of one bad cell. 
    I agree with you that the demise of lead acid has been greatly exaggerated.  They work well, and for most people give them all the storage they need.  However, I think that they are also a mature technology, and thus significant improvements at this point are less likely.

    BTW I'd love to see more medium capacity 2V cells available.  Makes pack maintenance easier (a lot easier to replace a single 500ah cell than a 6V 500ah cell) and allows large single-string packs without having to parallel batteries.
  • Re: Solar Bicycle Trailer: Adjustable Solar charge controller

    SolarStu said:
    How do I wire it?

    Now I have a 36V electric bike without the battery.  A 36V solar panel on a trailer and two 1.5ah 18V lithium drill batteries. 

    What I want to do:  Have the batteries buffer the panel's output so that the panel is continually charging the batteries and the batteries are driving the motor.  Could someone direct me to a wiring chart?  or describe it?  Any pointers are welcome.

    Use a Genasun controller for the 36V battery.

    Do NOT use tool batteries without a BMS.  Much better to get a real 36V battery from an outfit like Batteryspace or Lunacycle.  It will come with a BMS.

    Do NOT use 1.5ah batteries on a system that will have a charge rate of 8 amps.   Most lithium chemistries cannot handle more than 1C.

    I would also recommend a meter, like a Cycle Analyst or a Watts-Up to monitor your use, so that you do not over-discharge the battery.
  • Re: US will meet Paris accord commitments even if Donald Trump withdraws

    Solray said:
    Sea level won't rise overnight. People will have time to pull back front the coastlines if they choose to.
    You won't wake up one morning to 3 feet of water in your house.
    At least in the US, that's true.  It's not as true in poor places.  Many people don't have the option to just move if they choose to.
  • Re: Why I do not recommend the Midnite Array Combiner (MNPV3)

    Vic said:

    Thanks for doing the legwork on this, Vic.  (Add me to the list of happy Midnite customers - their products are great, and their tech support is outstanding.)