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  • Re: Inverter/Generator Neutral Bonding


    I believe this is the correct manual for OP's inverter

  • Re: What happens to our solar if the poles flip?

    At least the Feds are sharing and playing nice :*  Thanks I think...

    Not really

  • Re: Time spent in absorption.

    The designation AGM 1 and AGM 2 are usually found in PWM controllers. The Outback FM series controllers can be configured to the set points the battery requires. Follow the setup procedure in the attached manual to configure the absorb setting to 14.6 volts and the float setting to 13.5 volts. IMO the charger should be in absorb until the battery is accepting about 6 amps for a 250AH bank. I'd start with 2 hours. The absorb time setting is on page 49.

    Edit to include the MX60 manual and absorb time info.

    Just in case you have the older MX60 model, I have attached that manual also. Absorb time setting is on page 27.

  • Re: Battery sizing for 600W panels

    Although the Classic 150 will allow more power production, ~40 amps in the summer and ~30 amps in the winter, or 9% charge rate in summer and 6% for winter with a 450 amp hour 12 volt battery bank, I would agree with Photowhit in recommending two 225 amp hour batteries. I you had higher loads, I would say go with the 450AH bank and add a couple more panels, but with the current load, I don't see any reason to risk insufficient charging during winter months. If going with a 12 volt 225AH battery bank, I would recommend setting the charging amps limit in the Classic to no more than 29 amps to protect the batteries from current above the 13% rate.

  • Re: Mixing new and old lithium LiFePo4 batteries

    Experience on this forum has shown that there is very little lose of capacity at 3 to 5 years so combining old and new should not be an issue in that time frame. For battery modules, it's necessary to make sure they are fully charged before installing in series/parallel connections. It is helpful to have access to individual module cells for monitoring during charging.