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  • Re: Supply for 60 amp shore power connection

    If it will only get to 75, you don't need an Air conditioner.

    Lumisol said:
    Photowhit said:
    An "every other week" would pretty much be the same as living around the clock, the system will have no time to recover, so plan on running the generator often.
    You think that charging the batteries for 14 days will not have time to recover from using it for 2 days?
    When I put something in quotes, I'm usually quoting YOU! When I define my statement with your words, please read it.

    Lumisol said:
    How many batteries (WH) are needed to run a 750 watt microwave for 10 minutes and a tv and fridge for 4 or 5 hours each pulling 80 watts a piece? The lights are all led at 1 watt each and will only have a couple at a time running and only for a couple hours. The system will then have 14 to 30 days to recover.
    Tired of having undefined loads, if this is how you want to define them use it and figure it out. I don't want to play.

  • Re: MSPAE4440 Magnum 48V inverter faults under small load

    Jogotta said:

    You're wrong about the ability to power the charge controller.. HERE is a link to the spec sheet for my panels:

    If you don't like mine read your own Dag gum link....

    I went and found the NOCT (Normal Operating Cell Temperature) values, FROM YOUR LINK 
    • MPP voltage (Vmpp) = 29.5 Volts
    2 - 29.5 volt panels in series does not get you to 66 volts! or 8 volts over the charging voltage. In fact if you think this is a finite number of 8 volts over the charging voltage. YOur panels in series can produce 59 volts so 51 volts would be the maximum voltage when charging. This won't get you close.

    You might also learn something from those trying to help you! 

    We don't need help, YOU DO!

    If you know it all, don't ask! I didn't post all that for my health!