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  • Re: Setting up an off grid system with no battery

    He did say an Inverter Bill in an offgrid system. Your point on DC refrigeration and holding plate systems has fond memories from our boat.
    We could stay below zero for 3 days in the tropics. I saw a land based system that was built out under a palm/thatch roof that was made to go for 10 days. It was 10 days until parts could get to the island and there was a bar to run :)
  • Re: Conext Bridge for XW+ Li-ions from LG and Hoppecke announced for 2nd half 2017

    I like that chair and it is a garage not unlike the one that Hewlett and Packard started in. Well, better lit. Most of my engineering life I have always been surrounded by thousands of dollars of equipment BTW. A long stint at HP had me setting EMI test sites and the Spec Ans, Synth Sweepers, Net Ans and other gear were well over $200,000 each. Many of them still working decades later.

    I do agree with you on quality of life and most of it is on the mountain where I live and the two lights I see out 30 miles :)
    The two lights,  I designed their Offgrid homes.
  • Re: Inverter/charge controllers compatible with Lithium Ion profile

    Yes as Mike said it is simple, as long as you actively watch and understand the voltage and all the other parameters that can cause an issue that snowballs into a bad result. The beauty of what Schneider, Outback, and others are doing is taking the risk out! This is because they get into the shunt data inside the battery BMS and know Soc, Sol , and all the other parameters. You can't do that unless you are a Canbus programmer.

    For instance, an LG battery, possibly the best in the world now, an upgrade option on the Tesla roadster will only work for 10 minutes unless the safety comms with the inverter are there. When this connection is broken, it is 10 minutes until lights out, this is there to protect your home. There are ways to always bypass this but the owner needs to know what they are doing! ! !

    I am very scared by what I see on the internet with Tesla batteries at this time for offgrid! Fine for cars but be careful offgrid!
  • Re: Mountain off-grid cabin

    Words of wisdom mcgivor :)
  • Re: Please Explain To Me As If I Was A 3 Year Old:

    Three year olds should not live offgrid unless they have adult supervision. The adult needs to understand the challenge and be responsible.