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  • Re: Conext ComBox reporting incorrect power values

    I don't see this problem. I have had lots of XW's back to 2007. I have worked closely with the engineers at Schneider, Xantrex and Trace and never heard anything negative except the 3 second speed of the xanbus in reporting changes. It is very accurate however.
    If after you start a service request and strike out I will give them a link to this thread. Good Luck!

  • Re: Newbie ready to go off grid

    It is all possible these days and I have done this 100's of times. The real decision is not all the issues posed here. They are easily solvable for less than the budget you have. Maybe a bit more if you really want this to be easy and manageable by you and your wife.

    If you build an offgrid home you will be committing to a home that has less value to many buyers down the road. Not all of them,  if you build something really beautiful and desirable.  Good Luck and Felize Navidad
  • Re: Concrete base size

    You are welcome!  Power of the wind and cube of the wind speed is always respected here!
  • Re: Low Voltage Cut Out default to 21 volts, why?

    Estragon said:
    IMHO, 21v is low for off-grid LBCO if there's a reasonable (eg 30sec) delay. As Bill noted, the default is set to protect the inverter, not so much your batteries. Looks like default delay is 10secs, which should cover most starting load sags. If possible though, I'd try to borrow a panel to set it to ~23v and ~60secs.

    I would likely end up buying one, as I'd want to be able to adjust generator input/charging current limits for different generators, etc., but your situation may be different.
    Definitely the OP needs to be able to adjust the setting as they are there for him with an SCP or combox. There is also a hysteresis setting to tweak how the LBCO behaves.

    22V was always the standard with Outback and Schneider but I think a few women complained about the hair dryer being the most important thing offgrid, much more important than protecting an inverter :)
  • Re: Cost effective backup system, with future solar

    If the system will ever grow 48V should be used and hi voltage charge controllers make this so very easy. Outback is suppose to have them out next year. A schneider CSW 4048 and its 600v mppt could be looked at. Are you sure you can't build a pergola in the yard to stay off your roof?