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  • Re: Odd amperage drop across breakers in combiner box

    Adding on to Mike, "that is why I like high voltage DC" no strings and no switching/connections outdoors! At the most 2 strings in a very large 6kw array and a Disco. Another reason grid-tie solar is so very reliable.
  • Re: 24v vs 48v

    It is confusing as the solar panels do not need to be added as the CC is already high voltage and would support up to 6KW of solar with no change other than programing it to be 48V. The Inverter at 4KW could be changed to either a 5548 or 6848, just add money and the correct battery bank.

    Joe, you need someone else! Good Luck!
  • Re: 24v vs 48v

    You would be increasing the GDP of our economy? For a serious answer you probably need to add a bit more like what batteries you have now, the equipment you have, and what is it that you want to do.
  • Re: Cost effective backup system, with future solar

    If you do switch to propane down the road, convert to a propane generator. During a major outage the gas stations can't pump fuel and you will run out. Our town was evacuated for 7 days and 5,000 people left. Many tried to stay but they ran out of gasoline and it was hot and smokey without cooling. They came home to science projects in their refrigerators and had to take them to the dump. All of the grid tied homes had gasoline generators with 500 gallon propane tanks. Not a good plan!

     A few of my grid clients had the SMA secure power inverters with LG inverter refrigerators and they ran during the day and did well unattended. You just have to plan for it!

    Offgrid was a piece of cake as it is a normal day!  Good Luck!
  • Re: Mission solar panel opinion (320 watt for 184.00 on eBay)

    Photowhit said:
    MichaelK said:
    ... One of the managers at SolarBlvd pointed out that the Cynergy panels are NOT UL listed, hence the lower price.  For a grid-tie installation, using a non-UL listed panel would be considered a serious code violation, subject to a stiff fine.  For off-grid, they are OK, but for on-grid, a big no no.
    This is a local or power company issue. My local power company doesn't care (or at least didn't, 5 year old info) what was on the other side of the gridtie inverter. Only that the inverter was UL/ETL listed. I was asking about my Evergreen panels that were ETL to UL standards... and they basically told me they didn't care.
    Agree Photowit but our building department sometimes cares and sometimes does not. The Utility in our county is clueless as usual.
    If I were grid based I would not take the chance as anything that causes a red flag will just snowball. They can ruin your day! I have done a handfull for friends and I always tell them they are in charge managing an owner/builder install that is permitted. My guidance is as a consultant only. I would hate to lose a friend over utility solar power!  Most of the ones who lost power during our fire asked me why????
    I send them the old e-mail with my original recommendation to buy a propane generator for their 500 gallon propane tank, then do solar!