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  • Re: Post-Irma Caribbean Small Solar System

    Not a 3/4 HP induction motor, probably not the 1/2 HP reliably. The real problem for you is that these pumps are not soft start and not variable speed. If you had that in the design it would work, but of course you can't. Can you get those batteries in Anguilla in "normal" times? Can you do what Bill suggested and use 12V pumps, probably not for a well pump and not in your price range.
  • Re: Inverter/charger won't transfer Genny to system

    You would not get a new DR2412 as they are not supported anymore!  And a very good reason for having a sine wave power source.

     Do you hear the transfer switch try to select the shore/gen power? 

  • Re: Sun Elec's Free Solar Panels

    This is also just a pre-view, in my opinion, of what Tesla is going to go thru with all these (just snap together) low voltage modules.
    on a roof at high temperatures. Someone eventually will do this correctly but as a pessimist I do seem to have more data than the optimists, at this time. 

    I draw the line at dumping this stuff down in the Caribbean where I lived for months at a time on many of these islands anchored offshore for years. Maybe Mr Kimball with all of his experience will do the right thing.
  • Re: SW 5548 dropping the grid

    The XW is DSP and specs can be changed easily depending on what the requirement is. That was the original DOD  requirement. Tested and passed up in Livermore CA. at the National labs.
    It is your house and your life!  If you want me to interpret specs for you please send me a check!  Good Luck!
  • Re: Energy Efficient 120 VAC Fridges vs Sunfrost DC Fridge

    larcal said:
    :) Ha ha. guess you're not dependent on it to eat or you'd have an extra 3 thermostats around, and know where they locate it. As one will see if follow links below I found a reference to it being in handle! Which makes no sense. 

    What about my query about amount of use? You speak of a client. Are you in the solar biz there in California?
    I do have a 22 cubic foot whirlpool AC refrigerator freezer and I have been doing this offgrid for 24 years so I do have a few  things that might make me not worry about eating as much as you do.

    My offgrid business is world wide but I do live in California. You can click the link to my web page below.