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  • Re: The future demise of lead acid batteries

    With a hole saw--One method is to take a piece of hardwood (or similar) and drill a hole through it will a hole saw (and backing board).

    Then take the hardwood and clamp to the surface you want to hole saw. Now you can (pretty easily) drill the hole through the guide without a pilot drill (if you don't want the pilot).

    Regards to finding a partner... I would suggest that getting that partner will add a whole 'nother layer of bumps and twists to said road (no matter how compatible they may be).

    I am married with kids--But my suggestion to anyone who has asked--It is better to be alone than to wish you were. Think twice about taking that step.

    Hmmm turns out that was an Ann Landers quote:
    • It is far better to be alone than to wish you were.

    -Bill "back to your normal programming" B.
  • Re: Bottom For Solar Prices

    Green Clean. Biodegradable.

    Next time, will try BleachBit or like with a cloth.

    - Bill
  • Re: off grid cabin

    I am sorry to hear that your place has been used for target practice (too many stupid people out there these days).

    Yes, you can put your two solar panels in parallel--They should have Vmp~17.5 volts or so... If they have way different voltages, that could be an issue (less power from your MPPT controller).

    13.6 volts for float is fine (if you have find a manual/settings for your battery, you can confirm or adjust as needed).

    For fulling recharging your battery bank, if flooded cell you want around 14.5 to 14.8 volts held for ~2 hours (if batteries are not discharged too much) or 4-6 hours if batteries are well discharged.

    So, take a good DMM and see what your battery charger is doing for "bulk" charge voltage (i.e., 14.5 volts or so) and how long is holds that voltage.

    A hydrometer is a great tool for understanding how well your batteries are charging. A good glass hydrometer is nice... Or you can get one of these newfangled devices (very nice). Make sure you have distilled water so you can rinse out the hydrometer after you are done (they will get sticky over time if you don't clean them... And glass hydrometers are very easy to break).

    mnhydrometer-web.jpg [h=2]MidNite Solar Hydrovolt Battery Hydrometer[/h] -Bill
  • Re: Wind & Solar Charge Controler one battery bank

    I am a big believer in the laws of thermodynamics:'s_theorem
    1. You can't win. (consequence of first law of thermodynamics)
    2. You can't break even. (consequence of second law of thermodynamics)
    3. You can't even get out of the game. (consequence of third law of thermodynamics)
    In the end, it is possible (and can be very practicable) to increase efficiencies and recover "waste heat" for other uses (domestic hot water, swimming pool heating, etc.).

    Does anyone have actual measured output power harvested from the A/C recovery fan in the video? The commercial sized system that I found would indicate that for listed price and available harvest--It is simply not cost effective (excluding maintenance over 100 year life in weather, replacing the GT inverter every 10 years, possibly loss of A/C efficiency, etc.).

  • Re: earthing loop problems with electric guitar


    This time, I had another clue:
    Warm greetings from Brighton UK.

    Sometimes I do notice the details in a post....

    -Bill :o