MMP Series - Mini Magnum Panel 175 or 250 amp panel? can anyone tell me how to decided which to buy?

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I'm trying to decide on which panel to buy?MMP Series - Mini Magnum Panel the 250 amp or 175amp. i have a 2440 magnum inverter with 8 430amp hour crown 6 volt batteries wired to give me 860 amp hours, Thanks for any help 


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    What kind of panel? Breaker panels for AC and DC power, solar panels?

    If solar panels, where will it be installed (nearest largest city). Clear of trees (no shade) at least 9am to 3pm?  How much energy per day do you need (Amp*Hours or Watt*Hours)? Full time off grid all year round or just weekends and sunny/non-winter visits?

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  • wildaxlewildaxle Registered Users Posts: 2
    I'm looking at the MMP Series - Mini Magnum Panel.They have a 250 and a 175 amp panel. I have 1500 watts of panels,today i made 5kwh . this was my first full day having the system looking to do this year round. still need to buy a transfer panel also as i'll still be grid tied.
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    At 24 volts, it's very likely the 250 amp model. Your inverter manual will state the necessary DC breaker size.

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    Agree with Rick but your calculation for system amp hours is off the mark according to what you wrote.
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