Have you ever seen Unusually High Power readings reported by Enlighten Monitoring

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I was checking the performance of a recently installed Grid-tied residential PV system through Enphase Enlighten Monitoring and noticed something strange.  The system consists of 10 REC TP2 290 Watt PV modules each paired with Enphase M250 micro-inverters.  Looking at the Time lapse view for Power, at one point during the day, 2 of the micro-inverters show 450+ Watts being produced, while the neighboring 8 REC290/M250s each produced around 230 Watts.  The most i have ever seen produced from a M250 micro-inverter was around 259 Watts (it was paired with a 315 Watt panel).  If they are supposed to max out around 250 Watts,  what could explain the 450+ readings? Has anyone ever noticed unusually high power readings with Enphase micro-inverters?  I suspect this is a glitch in data reporting, unless these micro-inverters can produce this amount of power briefly before clipping?


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    Reboot your local interface?

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    What seems odd is the system power, lower left corner is consistent with all the displayed panel outputs in the graphic, ~2.74kW, but if the two "false? " readings were substituted for the average of the others, it is consistent with the  today peak of 2.34 kW, must be a glitch, a 290 W panel could not put out 450 +W. Curiously double the average output is in the 450W neighborhood, perhaps a setting error? or as Bill suggests, reboot, the standard fix for software glitches, when nothing else works. Have no personal experience with Enphase, just some observations, FWIW.
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    The roughly 2x thing is kind of interesting.
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    I would call your installer and get them replaced (the enphase converters).

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    Reboot and if it fixes the problem, see if there is a fota update you missed.
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