Installing a Tristar MPPT 45 Charge Controller

Well, everything I order is here finally and I started installing  things and readin the installation of the MPPT45 cc and it says that I need to put in a GFPD, Ground Fault Protection Device. Is that something that is really necessary on a RV installation. I am installing 1 - U305watt Triex panel (vmp 57.5 volts,  imp 5.32) on a 14.5 foot fiberglass Trillium 4500 rv trailer with 1 - trojan t-1275 battery, the MPPT 45 cc, fuses, 4gauge cables cc to battery, Switches between panel and controller, controller to battery, Battery to house (rv) wiring. We have survived on a single 12volt 900cca auto battery for the last 8 years with no solar just charging with a 2-10 amp charger when we got to plug in, sometimes we would go for 8 days without charging and I know that isn't good for the battery but that is how we did it. We wanted to use more that a few house lights, the fresh water pump, and 400watt inverter to charge phones and lap top.  We want to run a fan at night to help cool down, charge 2 laptops, 2 phones, and maybe a small microwave about 20 minutes a day. I have several new 305watt panels but only have room for one on the roof, and the t1275 battery is the largest size and weight wise that I can fit. @ t-105 are too heavy and physically too large. 

So again my question is do I need to put in a GFPD, Ground Fault Protection Device? Is more I should do or know to finish installing it so I can get on the road for the summer?

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    My understanding is a GFPD is a code requirement for residential use in the US. I don't know if there are any code requirements for them in mobile applications. It should work without one.

    If you have local inspection requirements for the trailer, you might want to check with inspection authority.
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     The requirements are for land based systems, isolated from ground may be a different story, not claiming to be an authority on the subject, my thoughts are that it would be unnecessary since there is no ground to reference to, unless you purposefully establish a grounding every time you stop, which is unlikely. 
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