inverter can work line to ground utility

Hi, in our city the electric utility is line to ground. Line 1 is 220 volts and line 2 is neutral and connected to ground. Is the grid tie inverter can work on it?


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    Please any suggestions or any idea. Tnx
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    Welcome to the forum Alfredabonero.

    Can you give us a link to the exact brand/model of AC inverter you wish to use?

    In general, for Grid Tied AC inverters--They will not have a problem connected with L1 or L2 to ground. For a ~230 VAC 50 Hz inverter...

    If you where in the US, or using a US/North American GT inverter, we have L1 and L2 HOT , and a ground bonded neutral (L1-L2 is ~240 VAC, L1 to Neutral or L2t Neutral is ~120 VAC). For us, the modern GT inverter would require Neutral bonded to ground or the inverter will probably not turn on.

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    What city/country are you in ?  That helps us determine what sort of power you have.   But you should not simply attach power generation gear to Utility wires, you need to contact the utility first, to see what they allow. Worst case, they bill you for power you give to their grid. Worst worst case, they stop supplying electricity.
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    Sorry, I forgot to post me my guess from the ip address: Philippines

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