Probably a dumb question

Can my PV charge controller, and the charger on my Tripp Lite inverter/charger charge the batteries simultaneously? I have an off grid, dual voltage system that requires simultaneous use of both generator provided 110 and batter provided 12v. During the day, typically, only the refrigerator is on 12v/110 inverter power, but occaisionally we will run the generator during the day for ac, when running the Trip lite inverter becomes a charger and would be sending current to the batteries along with the pv charge controller.

Is this okay?


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    Re: Probably a dumb question

    Both chargers ( solar and 120VAC ) should monitor the battery state of charge, and adjust themsleves accordingly.

    If they don't, I guess I'll be hearing back from you after the weekend
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    Re: Probably a dumb question

    thanks, that is what I thought too. I suppose I will find out!
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