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I am looking to set up a small solar back up system for my Ham Radio's and maybe run a few other things.Few questions i have:

I am looking at the Kyocera KD135GX-LPU 135 Watt 12 Volt Solar Electric Panel with a ProStar 15 solar charge controller feeding a Sunforce 1000 watt Pure Sine wave inverter connected to a 86AH Lead Acid Gel Cel Battery.

Would this be a good starter system?On a bit of a budget.Also looking to pole mount the panel,do they need to be grounded?

Whats a fairly good bracket for this application?

Any helpful information would be appreciated.




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    Re: ? About New Set Up

    Start with your expected loads and work backwards (or forwards depending on your perspective)

    A Pv will deliver ~50% of name plate rating out the inverter time the number of hours of good sun you can expect in a day. Seldom more than 4

    100 watt panel~ 100/2*4=200wh/day

    Gotta run, some one will chime in with more later,

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    Re: ? About New Set Up

    an 86 AH battery sounds good, what kind of HAM radio do you have? I have 2 yaesu radios, max power is 50 watts, but usually use 5 as my local repeater is pretty close.

    Also you have to calculate all your equipment power usage if you plan to run them all at once to make sure your inverter can handle it all.

    If you dont plan to use it really often I think thats pretty good.
    I am also in the process of upgrading my gear, I only have a 10 watt panel and a sunguard charger to charge misc small batteries for my flashlights, handheld radio and other small things. I do need to get a bigger battery though.
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    Re: ? About New Set Up

    If you haven't bought your gear yet, consider 12V mobile gear, then you don't have to have an inverter, its peak load limits and other considerations. You may need a inverter to power a final amp, and you will have to be sure that it can supply the power peaks you need (or beef up the caps in the HV section so it won't sag) or you can get way funny modulation when the inverter starts to limit power to your finals.
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