Thermodyne systems watt meter problem

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I have (2) Thermodyne systems watt meter 180A peak and and they were working perfectly for almost 1 year now but recently i realized that they are giving some problems. The (2) of them is giving the same exact issue and the issue started without no warning. There was not any short circuit or overload on the meters or nothing happen that would suggest the reason for the issue. Also the (2) of them were connected to (2) different independent systems.
I am wondering if it is a factory fault seeing that the (2) of them is exhibiting the same issues/symptoms?

The issue is that i have one connected to a 24v battery system that is pulling current from a 500watt 24v solar system and the other is connected to my 24 ebike and normally they would display the battery voltage and the amount of current and wattage that is coming from the solar or pulling from the battery on the ebike for the other one but now it is always showing 0V,
0 wattage and 200A coming in and the time is max at 99.99. Even when there is no load on the system it is still showing 200A being draw at 0V. How can this be? is it the shunt that needs to be replaced. If yes what shunt size would be the best to buy?
If not how can i resolve this issue?
I try to reset the watt meter by disconnecting and reconnecting but no luck so far and it comes with 3 pins on the side, i try to shorts 2 and 3 of them to clear the system but nothing happens.

Please help me out someone. I anxiously await your support.

Here is a link for it.


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    One shunt for two meters / two batteries?
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    Measure the voltage across the shunts, the meter will read the voltage drop across them to determine current flow, this would be in the milli volt range, if the voltage is higher the maximum current may/would be displayed. This is where I would start the trouble shooting. 
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