GoalZero Yeti Lithium

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At Costco the other day, I saw the GoalZero Yeti Lithium 1000.  

My previous opinion of GoalZero stuff was that it was fair but quite overpriced.  

However the Yeti Lithium 1000 looks pretty darn decent:

* 1045 watt hours claimed (10.8V x 96.8Ah)
* 1500W (3000W surge) sine wave inverter
* solar charger input (MPPT?)
* $1000 (at Costco)


Compare this to a single 12V 1000Wh lithium battery (such as StarkPower, BattleBorn, etc.): Roughly the same amp-hours but none of the features, which makes the Yeti 1000 seem like a super bargain.

The main complaints I've seen online are that it's MPPT and the 120VAC charger is very weak (50W), and that adapter cables are way overpriced.

But this seems like a steal:  a 1KWh battery for $1000 that includes a bunch of input/output devices too.

Am I missing something obvious?

Reference: https://www.goalzero.com/shop/power-stations/goal-zero-yeti-1000-lithium-portable-power-station/


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    This is one of those products that people will buy expecting it will solve their needs during a power outage, only to be disappointed when it doesn't live up to expectations, for what is is, the price is pretty high, my opinion naturally.
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