Schneider Battery monitor preventing the Schneider inverter from qualifying generator output.

rayrassirayrassi Posts: 5Registered Users ✭✭
While the battery monitor is connected to the Xanbus the inverter fails to qualify energy coming from the generator.  As soon as I unplug the Battery Monitor from the Xanbus it goes back to normal and immediately qualifies the generator output.  Generator output voltage and frequency OK.  Discussed with Schneider tech support and reset the BM and eventually replaced it but problem still persists.

Schneider Battery Monitor, CSW4024, MPPT60, Conext Combox, 8 430 amp 6 volt batteries setup as 24 volt (2 strings of 4), 6 295W panels setup as 3 strings of 2.

System worked fine for 4 years and I decided to add the battery monitor with the results described above.

Anyone has a clue?
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