Charging battery’s I figured I could charg



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    Whoops 2/0 g cable 
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    A 175 amp fuse or breaker is a common size in mid sized 48 volt inverters. 250's are common on 24 volt inverters. I see you have 8 battery strings so without rereading the whole thread, just deducting you system is 48 volts.
     Hope I'm not completely out in left field with this comment.

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    If you have a 48 volt battery bank/bus--A good starting point (of course, use the manual for the "correct" information):
    • 3,600 Watts * 1/0.85 AC inverter eff * 1/42.0 volts battery cutoff = 100.8 amps
    And I highly suggest that you run everything 1.25x (1/0.80) NEC derating for continuous current rating:
    • 100.8 amps * 1.25 NEC derating for continuous current = 126 Amp minimum Breaker/Branch Circuit Rating
    If this is an Inverter-Charger, the actual power requirements may be different...

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    Your system has a 175 amp inverter breaker, so you'll want a 175 amp fuse on each string of 8 batteries.

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    Thanks for  The information 
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