Solar panel wiring question

Hi, I am new on this and I decided to install my own system. I am not sure about the best wiring for my solar panels.
I will install 12 panels and will install a Conext 60-150 controller. I want to know which one of these three wiring is the best for this controller PARALLEL, SERIES or SERIES-PARALLEL.

I will appreciate your support.


Panels Information
Pmpp 240W
Vmpp 30.4
Impp 7.9A
Voc 37.7V
Isc 8.4A


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    Your system nominal voltage will be the determining factor as well as the distance from array to controller. An educated guess would be you are planning a 48 volt nominal system, in which case the most practical configuration would be 4 strings of 3 panels in series which would give a maximum  (Voc) voltage of 113V, 4 panels would be over the 150V controller limit, perhaps more in cold or high altitude locations. With such a setup a combiner would be required with circuit breakers or fuses for each string. More information regarding the voltage, battery capacity  and distance, array to controller, would be helpful should you need more accurate or detailed  information 
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    Thanks mcgivor for the information
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