Check out what I built - Get some ideas of what you can build!

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Overview of system:  

Sigineer (chinese) 12KW Power Inverter:  

I am running 100% off the grid, and have built my setup into a shipping container.

I have 27 210 watt panels, two outback FM80's, 16 group 8D (12 volt, 255AH/ea), running at 48V into a 12KW inverter.  Two Honda EU2000I and one EU3000I to run the battery charger on cloudy days.

Mate3 & Hub10

Hoping one day to get the flexnet.....

My cost:  $16,000 for the whole entire setup - Wiring, components, panels, shipping container, etc.

Just gotta be willing to be patient, and shop for some bargains.
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