Battery Bank Fuse Placement

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I have completed installation of the first phase of solar panels and tomorrow I begin wiring the battery bank. I have seen wiring diagrams and other recommendations but I wanted feedback to avoid any bad decisions. I'm using a 200a fuse on a 24v 310ah battery bank.

Scenario 1: Positive lead >> fuse >> Battery Switch >> positive buss bar >> 2000w Inverter
Scenario 2: Positive lead >> Battery Switch >> fuse >> positive buss bar >>2000w Inverter

With scenario 1 if I need to replace the fuse wouldn't I need to disconnect the cable from the battery first? And scenario 2 I would only need to turn off battery switch to replace fuse.

Which way to go? Or something different?
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    Electrically it makes no difference, but it is common that the disconnect comes before the fuse, as in a fused disconnect, for safety reasons, mostly involving higher voltages. 
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    These Blue Sea fuses place the fuse at the battery, leaving nothing unprotected.

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    You don't necessarily need to disconnect the battery to change a fuse in scenario 1, or with the bluesea holders. You do need to be careful though. I open breakers to loads and charging sources, and I always wear long rubber gloves, a long plastic jacket, and face shield when working in the battery box.
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    Another "trick" is to wrap your tools in electrical tape when working on the battery bank (new tape the next time you work on battery bank). Just leave the screwdriver tip/wrench end exposed.

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    Thanks for the replies. Heading to Harbor Freight to get a face shield :)
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