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I am from Cyprus (E.U member) and i need help to order the solar system parts from internet. I will stay in a prefabricated house and i want a small solar system to save energy in a battery to switch on two floretz lambs , one small fridge (for basic needs only) , one TV and for one pc. I know i need inverter but i don't know details/info to order them from web. 

Thank you in advance


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    Do you currently have grid power ? The reason for the question is because storing energy in batteries is generally more expensive than using grid power, using solar with a grid tied system, if permitted, would be the most economical, if the grid is unreliable and there is a need for backup, then a hybrid system may be a good choice. Knowing the situation would be helpful in determining what suggestions to make, many assume solar energy is free, but in the case of off grid, it never works out that way, more information would be helpful.
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