Bulk and absorption settings

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Since this is an oversized array with flooded lead acid batteries would setting the bulk and absorption voltages the same for the inverter/charger and CC the same voltage at 29.4? I know I read in the manual the bulk voltage can be set higher than the absorption voltage. I was thinking perhaps bulk 29.4 and absorption voltage at 28.8.
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    The advantages of the boost charge would be primarily benificial in daily cyclical applications such as off grid, since you are using the batteries for backup, it's probably best to keep the bulk/absorb the same, using the manufacturers recommendations, Trojan L16 is 29.64V, check their website for your particular model. Usually the voltage for the boost would be higher than normal ~30V for the first hour of absorption, then dropping down to normal. Setting a normal value, then dropping to a value too low would likely result in undercharging and loss of capacity over time, which may go unnoticed, until the day the power failure happens. I would highly recommend contacting Trojan and ask the question directly.
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