Honda Eu3000 propane conversion

I have purchased an EU3000is with the propane conversion and it has been terrible.  I'm switching back to gas only but have a question about exhaust:  when running, the access door (to the air cleaner and carb area) gets extremely hot.  As hot as the exhaust area in the back.  Is this normal for the EU3000?  I'm thinking when they did the conversion they may have re-routed or loosened the exhaust...anyone have this issue?


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    I cannot answer your exhaust question... But can you tell us what failed on the propane conversion. Propane seems to be a relatively popular conversion for the RV world--But I have not read too many things (good or bad) about the conversions.

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    I don't know about propane conversion, or the 3000i, but my 2000i does NOT get hot at the access panel.
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    I have the EU2000I with propane conversion and I have had zero problems. No exhaust heat issues. Going on 3 years. 
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    Check the ducting around the engine is in place, a loose exhaust would make noise, just some thoughts.
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    My Eu3000i doesn't get any hotter than normal, the hot air coming out the vent is not overly hot, you can touch any part without damaging your fingers, other than the exhaust port!
    Something is not correct, as Mcgivor posted.
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