Is this a faulty device or is it my understanding

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Hi All,

I use this Chinese inverter which has grid feed facility (4K one)

I have 2250 watts of array with 3x3 (250 watt each) , VDC would be around 33 

This setup worked okay as it powers up loads on the sunny times & battery is always full so no charging as my grid doesn't fail as much as it used to.

I have only now bought a 'Net Meter' from my Grid company here so I can feed back to grid., I enabled the Grid Feed feature.
It seems to work ONLY for short times then it disconnects and just generates about 100 Watts which I believe is mostly the power required to run the inverter ( TAR ? ) 

I see upto 2.15 KW generated which is nice for 2.25 KWH panel setup., so when it works it works great :)
The MPPT spec says it works on 60-115 VDC not sure if it has to do something with it, It is impossible my panels reach anywhere near the max.

It seems when I power on my Air Conditioning which is connected to a seperate meter/connection the inverter is feeding for longer times than when I do not power on.

I have 2 grid lines to my home one is a single phase and another is 3 phase , I use the 3 Phase one for motor/Air conditioning, etc.
Each comes with its own separate Meter. but otherwise must be actually coming from same Transformer or whatever they call it which is shared with other homes.

Does feeding to grid work all the time there is the sun OR it does only when the energy is needed for me or neighbors?

Our local grid is new to solar stuff so they wouldn't help much.

I am going to call the inverter company tomorrow but wanted to know if I should always expect the power to generated or only if there is enough demand ?

Could Grounding / Neutral (it is possible they may overlap between the 2 connections ) be responsible for this behavior?

Sorry if this is a very noob question this is the first time I am experimenting with Net Meters.


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    My Inverter works from Sunrise to Sunset.

    What is reason for your inverter to stop? Error Code?
    AC Voltage out of range?
    Frequency out of range?
    DC Input Voltage out of range?
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    Inverter doesnt stop  , it just stops feeding to grid for sometime then picks up then drops that again,etc.

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    Nila said:
    Inverter doesnt stop  , it just stops feeding to grid for sometime then picks up then drops that again,etc.

    Have you read through the manual? Perhaps you have a desired battery voltage you need to set so that it knows when to send to the grid. Perhaps the setting is too high? With a 24 volt battery bank you would want something below the float voltage but above discharge (I think I don't do these hybrid inverters). So float voltage would normally be around 27 - 27.2 for a 24 volt system, and the battery would be discharging around 25.4 so maybe around 26 volts? That would be after it senses an absorb cycle.
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    Nila said:
    Inverter doesnt stop  , it just stops feeding to grid for sometime then picks up then drops that again,etc.

    When I said, "shutdown",  I meant ... "stops sending AC Power into the Grid".
    When this happens, measure the AC Voltage at the Terminals inside the Inverter (not at the Main Panel) and report.
    I suspect the AC Line Voltage is intermittently too high at the Inverters terminals and it stops feeding the Grid until voltage drops.
    Especially, since you said, "The Inverter feeds the grid longer when the A/C is on."

    Like I asked earlier, What is the CODE that explains WHY the inverter has stop feeding power into the grid?
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    I spoke to the inverter cmopany and they said due to indian regulations their inverter will stop exporting if the  AC voltage exceeds 253 and I asked my grid company to fix the voltage and they fixed it so we are all good and [email protected] 
    Thank you for the help though

    And you were right and one place where I confused you was when I say A/C it is Air Conditioning  but I use it interchangeably with Alternating current as well lol my fault.
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