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I would appreciate your expertise. Trying to reduce my power requirements. I run on a couple generators, no solar yet till we get all of our loads reduced. Last is well pump. Currently 3/4 hp. 230 volt jet pump and need the 5 kw generator for that to run. Well is 3 inch casing, 45 feet deep, static 5.5 feet, pumping level 9 feet. All verified by well company. 
I am looking at Dankoff slow pump, Flowlight booster and belt driven piston pumps all 115 volts. I tried a cheap Flowjet 3 chamber diaphragm pump, it worked well, but was very noisy. Tried different piping arrangements from plastic, pvc, and copper. Pump would vibrate pex tubing mounted to underside of floor joist in crawl space. Does any one have any experience with pumps listed or other suggestions. 


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    3/4 HP for a 45 foot well seems like overkill.   1/4 hp ought to do you fine, unless you are having to pump the water to another location.  I'd skip the belt driven pump.  
    If you can swing the energy, a standard well pump is about the cheapest way, they are made by the bazillions and last 20 years or so.  Do you need much water overnight?  maybe take and put a small storage tank in the attic to get gravity feed night time, and avoid running the pump?   Or use a couple 80 gal pressure tanks for overnight and lock out the pump.   Do you have frost issues ?
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    Something like this - 500 Watt at 48V DC 3" submersible only 5 gpm - for when you go solar ?

    1/2 HP Soft Start 230V 5 amps
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    mvas The problem with the pump examples is his well casing is only 3 inch.  I think the pump examples are good if he had a bigger well casing.  
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    Thanks for your response. Yes 3/4 is to large. My brother is at cabin this weekend and is installing a 1/3 hp pump. I have not heard how that worked out. We do have 2 30 gallon pressure tanks installed so that  helps with less run time. This is for a cabin in northern Michigan so freezing is a problem. We drain all water down in November and remove pump. It looks like grundfos makes a 3 inch submersible, but quite pricey. Maybe in a few years and we would not have to worry about freezing.
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    Does a 3" pump need a 4" well casing?
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    You should probably have 4 inch casing. Probably 3 1/2 would work but I never saw a 3 1/2 inch casing. You need some clearance between the pump and the casing wall. Even if you could get the pump into the casing you would never get it out again. The inside wall of the casing gets some rust over time and you couldn.t get the pump out. My brother had a pump stuck in his 4 inch casing well. They had to ream out the inside of casing and he barely got the pump out. He still found a pump that was 3 5/8 dia. and is hoping he can get it out if the pump fails. He has a 3 inch grund fus pump on hand if he needs it. A neighbor had a 4 inch well casing and the well driller told him the smaller diameter pumps are no longer available and they didn,t know about the 3 inch grunfus pump.  
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