New 10 inch O2cool fan, discounted at Amazon....

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I've been a fan of this fan (yes I went there) for many years. I've found them reliable and energy thrifty.

Well all good things must end, and my last one was on it's last legs, so I had been hunting around to replace these. I run 2 of them 8 months of the year almost continuously. I put the assorted models in my cart at Amazon and waited for a sale, last time I purchased them I took advantage of a 20 or 30% off deal if you purchased $50 or more and I bought 3. but the price has gone from $18 to $22 for this new model. I noticed one model had a price drop on returns down to $8.81 and I purchased 5 of them. Amazon has a great return policy and pays for the return shipping. I suspect the reason for the returns is they changed the voltage to 9 volts.

So a quick review, it's quieter, may not be quite as powerful, I'll find my last one and compare tomorrow, it might just be the quieter that is throwing me. It still puts out a good bit of air. It's also now a 9volt fan, the old version was 12 volt. I did NOT notice this before purchasing, but I no longer run any 12 volt items direct. They arrived today. They have a nice 2 tone design white face in a black case. The wall wart is 9 volt .7 amp output. I think the previous was 12 volt .5amp, so similar wattage.

I'm happy with the purchase, do wonder if they will hold up as well as the previous fans, It will be warm tomorrow, so I'll set one in the window and let it run all day (likely I'll let them all run all day so I can return any if I have an issue with any of them.

They bounce the price on the returns/warehouse based on supply, after I made my purchase the price went to $10.42(?) and is now $11.98. but I suspect it will go back down. You can do what I did and just put it in your basket and watch it every now and then... These get well reviewed in some camping forums as the old 12 volt version for camping, I suspect people buy them and return them when they realize they aren't 12 volt. Only 1 of the 5 looked like it had any real use.
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