Kitewinder / Airborne wind turbine / Lightweight CF blades

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Hello All, 

We are a french start up located in Bordeaux. We develop the first airborne wind turbine for small winds. Our first product Kiwee 5 will be available for sales at mid 2017. You can visit our website to discover kitewinder!
We also produce lightweight CF Blades with high efficiency. You can use them for you DIY applications.
Contact us if you want more infromation.



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    Anyone find posts, like above, interesting?

    -Bill "moderator" B.
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    Yes, and IIRC there was a Dutch co. doing something similar a few years ago, too
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    BB. said:
    Anyone find posts, like above, interesting?
    Being in english, helps.  A french wind website does nothing for me.
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    My French is extremly poor, as such I'm not sure what I'm looking at on that website. The video animation show how it might work is cool, I have seen many novel ideas in the way of small scale wind. However seldomly do they are make it to market and rarely are the of any bennefit.
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    I would not put my life savings in the "investment". There have been many types of kite type wind turbine systems suggested. The complexity and difficulties to harvest useful amounts of wind power (plus the need for large areas of cleared land for cables/landing area/etc.) mean the market would be quite small--In my humble opinion.

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