Copper Buss Bar and Fusing??

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I bought a Bluesea 250 amp fuse and mount.. I also have an 250 amp ANL fuse and mount..


One of them will be going to a Bluesea battery switch before the inverter..

I bought some insulators and copper 1/4" thick..


I want to use the Bluesea fuse but I think it would look WAY stacked.. heres the way it is..


Should I try and flatten the compression terminal??

Anyway, I got the idea from 2manytoys for the copper barstock.. which is great for expansion..

The ANL fusing he has on his system looks smooth.. though I now own the Bluesea fuse/mount..

For a single battery install the Bluesea is a perfect fit.. for the copper terminal strip I dunno..



  • ywhicywhic New User Posts: 612Solar Expert
    Re: Copper Buss Bar and Fusing??

    I may have figured a simple fix.. took about 5 minutes to think of..

    Invert the compression terminal.. nothing touches the fuse sides.. and this will be elevated on the copper strip..


    Only idea I can come up with.. anyone else have a better idea??
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    Re: Copper Buss Bar and Fusing??

    Where did you get the 1/4" thick copper? That looks great and I am wanting to make some buss bars, I purchased some of the buss bars from NAWS, but they are kind of limited and don't allow as many things on them. They look kind of like a neutral buss or ground buss in an AC box like a Square D sort of. They do include insulators to mount them which is cool.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Copper Buss Bar and Fusing??

    Copper from Amazon for 2' is $25.. OnlineMetals.. or Metals4uonline.. ($14.77/foot)..

    1" Insulators from EBAY 4 for $8.25 shipped..

    Heres the latest picture (waiting on the copper now).. 1 side will be 9" and the ground side 11" (for extra 'grounds')


    Mounting the battery switch and the charge controller breaker all on the same board.. nice and close.. (but not too close).

    Be adding a Plexi cover like 2ManyToys did as well..
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    Re: Copper Buss Bar and Fusing??

    The copper bus bars I've been using have been in service a few years now. I used a little Nev-R-Dull copper polish (available at Ace Hardware) to protect the copper from tarnishing here in FL. I made sure to buff all the residue off. Hasn't oxidized at all. The Military often referred to this polish as "wad pull". Smells like Brasso, and is a roll of cotton. Pull out a chunk, polish the brass, throw it away.

    The fuses & holders I'm using now are the Class-T version from Blue Sea. The cover was removed from one fuse holder for the picture.


    These fuses are massive. That's 4/0 cable feeding it. I finally sourced 1" wide heat shrink so I could finish up the cables. About a $1 per foot. Comes in 4' lengths. Bunch of colors available.

    Your project is coming together!
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    Re: Copper Buss Bar and Fusing??

    Here is a link to a site that sells the kits, but they are kind of pricey judging by the quotes above on Amazon.

    I think this is where I got mine from, I can't remember but I know I bought something from them. Their name is Storm Copper. Goto if the other link doesn't work.
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    Re: Copper Buss Bar and Fusing??


    I went with the Bluesea fuse also.. the little square one.. (I hang onto the other type as a backup setup...)

    I figure 10 connections on the HOT side and 12 connections on the NEG side.

    I reserved some of the HIGHER area of the board connections for extra controllers and 'grounds'..

    Amz shipped my metal today.. be here Wed.. Classic 150 controller is due in tommorrow :cool:
  • ywhicywhic New User Posts: 612Solar Expert
    Re: Copper Buss Bar and Fusing??

    Heres the final pic minus the plexi cover that will be added maybe this weekend..

    I have 9 unused + holes and 11 unused - holes..


    It worked out well as the Bluesea mounted right on the bus bar and to the side of the switch..
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