energy efficient television

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the old crt is dead. im looking at lcd tv (or monitor) ideally led backlit in the 20-24 inch size.
im finding that some sets have power bricks on the cord ac in dc out. is anyone using this setup for a dc only tv? much cheaper than a factory dc unit even with a power converter to hold the voltage at 12vdc. anyone?


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    Re: energy efficient television

    You might find this thread somewhat helpful:

    There's only one mention of a 12 VDC TV, and it's B&W.
    I have a vague sense of this coming up before, but my search efforts aren't finding it. :blush:
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    Re: energy efficient television


    This is not an exact answer,

    Recently got a 23 inch LED backlit LCD Monitor. It runs on 19 VDC at 2.1 Amps max. Of course its power clot is 100-240 VAC in.

    My old LCD monitors, 17 and 19 inch, ran on 12 VDC from a corded power supply with 120 VAC in.

    The system here is AC outputs only, so was not looking for a 12 V solution. Cannot speak to the population of monitors/TVs.

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    Re: energy efficient television

    if you find an lcd tv or led tv that has an input for dc then be sure of the voltage and current it needs and you will probably need some degree of regulation as variations will affect the tv enough to be annoying and too far out may cause it to not function or be damaged. the manufacturer may also want good regulation on the dc as it depends on how they designed it. above all be sure of the polarity and fuse it.
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    Re: energy efficient television

    Hello folks, I agree with Niel's post. A buddy of mine had to deal with the issue of a 13" analog tuner crt screen tv a couple of years ago. When the national broadcasters went digital, he needed a conveter for the tuner.

    I helped him find a LCD tv (digital tuner) with a dc input (12 vdc).
    I built a simple dc regulator circuit just to be on the safe side to protect the tv. It is basically a ac-dc power supply, without the ac transformer and rectifier diodes. Just a IC regulator and filter capacitors. Works great, he reduced the amp load by 2 amps, and now he enjoys his "WIDE SCREEN" 20" screen. It does have a remote, so it is pulling a minor load, but i belive even with the small load, it's consuming less overall than the crt.

    It was hard to find a dc tv. Dont ask a salesperson for one. they dont understand. They will argue the they dont show one in the computer. Looking via internet is also difficult because most sites dont give you the details about if it uses a wallwart. YOU will need to look on the back of the set for type of cord. Bring a keychain flashlight and a good set of eyes to look at the input voltage required. Good luck.
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    Re: energy efficient television

    RV shops have 12V TV's and 12V DVD players
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    Re: energy efficient television

    Yes, the RV shops do carry 12 VDC tv. etc, but keep in mind they are usually higher priced for smaller screens. You would still want to provide some voltage regulation if using with an off grid 12 system to protect it from high charge voltages or battery equalization.
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    Re: energy efficient television

    As long as you don't go too big... A 300 watt TSW inverter 12 volt from MorningStar would be really nice to drive a 120 VAC TV/DVD player combo.

    Let the Inverter worry about the 12 volt DC issues (and install near battery bank). Run 120 VAC to your loads at a cost of perhaps 85% overall efficiency.

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    Re: energy efficient television

    You can get a 12V model from places like Camping World. Here's a 24" Jensen HDTV (even 40" 12V models available too):

    It would certainly be cheaper to buy an inexpensive HDTV, and run it from a MSW inverter. FWIW, my 46" Sony HDTV, BOSE sound system, cable box, BluRay player, blah blah, all work fine on MSW - no flcker, no hum. But prices of PSW inverters are dropping too. I bought a Xanxtrex 2000W PSW inverter for $349 last year on sale, also from Camping World. The 600W model is on sale for $184 presently.

    The TV in my travel trailer is actually a monitor, with an external tuner. The tuner is analog, and you know the rest. I bought a stand-alone tuner at Radio Shack with the Govt coupon a few years ago, and it functions just fine. While the old tuner and monitor are 12V, the digital converter is not. But it's easy enough to modify.
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    Re: energy efficient television
    tmccall wrote: »
    Brighter pictures consume more power, and since light output is primarily a function of the picture settings available on all TVs, this is the one factor that any user can control regardless of television. Reducing the light output of your TV can cut power use by as much as half, and as long as you don't overdo it, you'll still enjoy excellent picture quality. [note: link spammer removed. -Bill B. Moderator]

    In regards to LCD and Plasma the sets that allow you to adjust the backlight will save energy. Sets older than 2 or 3 years or so, often could be dimmed without saving much electricity at all. Look for the green leaf on the remote or measure the set with a power meter. Having the energy star logo is not an indicator that the set do this. Pretty amazing to see a 55 inch LCD with an LED backlight running on less than 200 watts in a dark room!
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    Re: energy efficient television


    I got a 46 inch Samsung LED HDTV that draws between 35 and 75 watts depending on brightness. Its one inch thick so I put it behind the couch while traveling and hang it over the side window when in use.

    I also have a 7 inch RCA that I got at Walmart for $80 that picks up OTA TV real well and only draws 0.5 amp @12v or runs off its own internal battery too. I use is for listening to the nightly news and other dumb stuff.

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    Re: energy efficient television

    Feedhorn, Where did you get that name? Is it from a satelite part called feedhorn? Just curious
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    Re: energy efficient television
    solarvic wrote: »
    Feedhorn, Where did you get that name? Is it from a satelite part called feedhorn? Just curious

    Yes, just an old hangover from the early days...

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