Load Management Algorithm


I am working on solar powered homes. I wanted to know what load management algorithm should I use for off grid solar homes. Which standards can be helpful? I have seen IEC 62257 briefly but wanted further help.



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    Re: Load Management Algorithm

    Welcome to the forum Achates.

    Your question is pretty open-ended. What is it you are exactly looking for?

    Recommendations on sizing a system, generator backup plans, controllers, when to run heavy loads, how to build a system to be operated by non-technical home owners, how to extend the life of the battery bank, choosing components/technologies/battery types, AC or DC, recommend running heavy loads (washing, pumping) while the sun is up, using solar only water pumps (no batteries) to simplify the system, etc...

    Also, it helps to understand where the system will be installed (Canada, US, Bermuda, etc.).

    You appear to be from the Meerut/Dehli area of India... So, power options are different, as well as the available selection of components.

    There is at least one other person here that is doing off grid systems in India--they can also be of help to you.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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