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Thread: The using difference between poly- and mono- cells?

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    Default The using difference between poly- and mono- cells?

    this is interesting to me: what is the practical difference in using monocrystalline or polycrystalline panels? Why using mono-panel, if its using area less effectively?

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    Default Re: The using difference between poly- and mono- cells?

    Mono-crystalline cells/panels are slightly more efficient so panels constructed of them will collect more watt*hours per sq foot/meter (or panels of the same wattage rating will be slightly smaller when made from mono-crystalline cells).

    Some people also like the uniform color of mono-crystalline cells (instead of the "blue fractured look" of poly-crystalline panels).

    Because of the above, a Mfg. can usually get a somewhat higher price per watt for mono-crystalline panels.

    Other than above--I don't know of any real difference for end users.


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    Default Re: The using difference between poly- and mono- cells?

    At one time there was a much larger difference in performance between mono and poly, but with current manufacturing the difference is much less, making it pretty much a wash. There are some poly panels that are more efficient/square area than some poly panels.

    But the idea that there is a large difference is still stuck in folklore, just like the old myth of not putting batteries on concrete floors.
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