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    Is there a 240v 50Hz AC Kill-A-Watt meter? I can only find the 115v!

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    Here's the only thing that I found, but I didn't search very long...

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    from the $35 killawatt meter:
    "Displays volts, amps, watts, Hz, VA"

    now wouldn't it stand to reason it doesn't just do 60hz if it can measure the frequency? i could be wrong and an inquiry to the company could be in order.

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    Brian asked for a 240 VAC unit... The Kill-A-Watt is only rated for 115 VAC nominal / 125 VAC Max... 60/50Hz may or may not affect the unit (depending on its internals and how they create their local DC power for the meter electronics).

    I don't know of any simple/cheap kill-a-watt type unit for other voltages... Personally, I am also using an old electricity utility meter wired into a meter enclosure purchased from the local hardware store. Just read the meter 1 day or 1 week apart to get kWhrs per whatever...

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    Ya I know the Kill-A-Watt can read a wide range of frequencies. Most cheap mod sine wave inverters are in the 10-15 Hz range and the meter will tell you that. And a genset I have unloaded will sit about 70 Hz, a really cheap generator

    I doubt that it would like 240vac though
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brock
    Most cheap mod sine wave inverters are in the 10-15 Hz range and the meter will tell you that.
    Re using the Kill-A-Watt on a modifies sine inverter:
    I have one and dare not leave it in the circut of a mod sine inverter for longer than a minute or less. It's internal power supply doesn't handle mod sine well at all. You will notice the back of the unit near the prongs that plug into the electrical outlet, will rapidly start to get rather warm on modified sine, while it stays cool on pure sine, even after being on all day. Reason would tell you that if the outside cabinet in that area gets warm, then something inside must be getting pretty darn hot. My supplier is looking for a similar unit that can handle mod sine, for those who want one.
    I discovered this, because I've had other things burn out on mod sine, so was keeping a sharp eye out for warning signs with my new Kill-A-Watt.

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