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Thread: Charge Controller - Load Connection

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    If you stick with 12 volts and 300 watts or so--The MorningStar Suresine 300 watt 12 vdc TSW inverter has a programmable LVD (10.0 volts minimum).

    Not sure what hardware you may have to purchase to talk to the inverter (looks like you need Morningstar PC Meterbus Adaptor (MSC) for ~$32)--Only you can decide if this is worth the time/money to reprogram.

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    In my opinion, allowing battery voltage to drop below 12 volts, other than for relatively brief periods while under heavy loads, will be draining the battery below a safe level for good battery life. That's the way I run my system and my batteries are still in excellent condition after 10 years. But I guess it all depends on how one wants to treat their batteries and how ready they are to replace those batteries on a more or less regular bases.
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