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    Hello all

    i have a small question.

    today i have a small power inverter from meanwell , the inverter is 24V to 110V

    its a 1000W inverter, but i think i need a bigger one
    is there way to chain power inverter to add more w to the 110V system, or i need to take off the old inverter and install a new one?

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    it may not be the inverter that's the problem. what is the size of the load in watts you are trying to run? also, state what your battery bank consists of and the ah rating of the batteries. what size wire are you using from the batteries to the inverter and how long is it?

    i do have to add that the inverters will not be able to just be added to one another unless they are made to be able to stack. paralleling inverters not able to stack will result in fireworks and puffs of smoke.

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