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Thread: Solar power for Shurflo pump?

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    Default Solar power for Shurflo pump?

    I've got a Shurflo pump that I use to pump water from our lake and water my lawn and garden. I've never thought about powering it with solar power. Do I need to get an inverter to power it with solar panels? I could put the solar panels out by the pump house near the shore. I think it's a shurflo 8000 pump but I'll have to check.
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    I have no elevation to work with in creating a gravity fed irrigation system. Right now I use an electrical pump that provides enough pressure to run the sprinkler system for my lawn. I'd like to figure out how to convert to solar power to power the pump. The pump pumps water from the lake so the water is free but the electricity isn't.

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    I've put these two posts of yours together into their own thread so any replies will be specific to your situation. It can get a bit difficult to follow the thread otherwise. I left the one about the "New Solar Pump" where it was because it is specific to that pump.

    Now then, the first question you're going to get asked: What Shurflo pump do you have? They make 12 Volt DC and 120 Volt AC versions of the same pump. The AC one would have to have the full panel/controller/battery/inverter "treatment" whereas the DC one you could at least skip the inverter (depending on power needs - sometimes you can run pumps directly from panels). If you have the 120 VAC pump it would probably be worthwhile to buy a DC pump instead of an inverter.

    There's more than one forum member who have solar powered irrigation systems, and I'm sure you'll get plenty of helpful responses.
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