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  • Re: Off grid design check

     It's not "bad" but it's a major time sink.  Water lines to check. Pond level to check. Batteries.   Generators.  pumps, filters
    I run the water plant.  The electric plant. The heating plant (firewood & masonry heater)   Hang a picture up for me please.  Don't mow the lawn there.   Mow this over here.    Feed the sheep, move pasture fences.  Order seed for pasture.  Seed pasture.  chase turkeys eating the seed.    Hose froze, water tanks drained.  It goes on.
  • Re: New Solar Array and Core Charges, Ditch Lead?

    Solray said:
    The bottle deposit did not 'go away' in fact it increased in OR.
    It is for all bottles, not just glass ones, it includes plastic and aluminum as well.

    I'm not talking about recycle tax/fee.  I'm talking about the mfg's deposit for returning the bottles for reuse, Milk bottles $1, soda bottles 10 cents in 1970, unbroken so they could be reused.  But when the reprocessing cost exceeds the raw cost, the mfg deposit went away, and then, to reduce the clutter, recycle taxes were imposed to get the cans/bottles off the streets. 
    Currently, there is a core charge for the valuable lead in lead acid batteries.   The cost to reprocess Li batteries is higher than raw materials, which is why there is no core charge for Li.   Maybe your state will put a tax on them for you and then you can feel good.
  • Re: temp for windy nation lifetime

    Wow, I'm surprised the plastic bottom, even with a plywood spreader, is holding up.   Or that the bottom battery is not going to get damaged by the weight above it.
  • Re: making a microgrid by connecting two systems

    marscan said:
    I have two complete and separate 12V off grid solar charging and battery bank systems, one a Xantrex system and the other an Outback system. They are separated by about 100 yards. Both have generator back up, One system supplies the house and the other supplies the barn.
    I would like to balance the two battery banks by connecting them together. I have tried to connect the two battery banks directly with a 6awg cable, but there is insufficient transfer. Since both inverter systems are generating 110V I was considering connecting the two systems with a 110V suicide cable, basically plugging a male 110V plug into the house on one side and male 110V plug on the barn side. Theoretically, This would backfeed 110V back and forth, to and from the two inverters depending on the battery state of charge.
    1. Is this doable?
    2. Can the Xantrex and Outback inverters be backfed one to the other without internal damage?
    NO.  There is no way to sync the 2 different brands of inverters.  I guess you could try it with a phase light or meter, but you still have the problem of one unit will ALWAYS have 0.002V higher than the other, and hog all the load !

    Read these 2 threads about simple generators, and realize transistors make little noise when fried