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  • Re: 24 volt or 12 volt to mppt

    Unless you have some shading issues where the panels are located Yes, series wire.
    When you say MPPT that brings up the question, Is your controller a true MPPT controller? There's a lot of bogus Chinese controllers that even have MPPT on the face of the controller.
     Here's an example of a fake.
  • Re: Trace DR 2424 inverter fix.

    706jim said:

    If you can live with MSW you will be pleased with the Trace.
    Mine has performed flawlessly for 24 seasons.
    This inverter is for a friend who has a 12 volt version and it should be a direct replacement. We're stepping up her system from 12 volt to 24 volt. Funny, down in Baja there are so many off grid people who have been running 12 volt systems forever, mostly because their Trace inverters are still running strong and they just cant justify switching out their fully functional inverters.
  • Re: Needing assistance

    myron said:
    How do I check they 60 cells? They mark 24 volts though

    Count them. They would be 6 across and 10 high. People who don't know much about solar sell solar equipment all the time. A 24 volt panel would be 72 cells with a Vmp. of around 36 volts and an Voc. of around 45 volts. 60 cell panels are lower voltage, insufficient for fully charging a 24 volt battery
  • Re: advice on install

    I'm willing to wager real dollars that this isn't a real MPPT controller. I see nothing in the info to convince me. I once bought a very similar controller doubting it's capability. I was right. Connected a 175 watt 24 volt, 5ish amp panel to it and a 12 volt battery, hoping to get 10 or so amps. Guess what, amps in = amps out, NO MPPT.
     Here's the one I knew was fake 

  • Re: Why is this setup failing?

    Maybe a dumb question, but I have to ask. Are the solar panels actually in the sun? While you can get some voltage from panels even indoors under artificial light you will get no appreciable current. Are they oriented correctly and in full sun?  The rated amperage should only be expected in full sun and will be substantially less with poor orientation. Are the panels a long distance from the panels, and if so what gauge wire are you using?