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  • Re: Tesla - Solar Roof Tiles

    Heavily manipulated numbers. This roof cost WAY more than a conventional roof with an equivalent KW typical array. We still don't know how they are going to make the thousands of electrical connections reliable, traceable or repairable WHEN they fail. This model you see probably isn't even functional.  Typical Musk smoke and mirrors. All you believers, step right up and make your cash deposits.
  • Re: Tesla - Solar Roof Tiles

    Here's what Consumer reports has to say about the pricing. Taken with a grain of salt being that Consumer reports doesn't know all the issues involved with PV in general or the connectivity issues in particular with this type of solar tiles.
     The Fuzzy math used by Tesla includes the potential electrical offset will be over the (expected) life of the roof. This projected offset is subtracted from the initial cost which as shown is $70,000 - $100.000.  So as I said, Step right up, believers.

     BTW the price of a conventional grid tied  solar system when calculated along with its projected 25 year offset would be negative, 2 to 3 times, or better, its initial cost.
  • Re: DC - Coupled system using Thinfilm Modules and Schneider Charge Controller

    A Midnite Classic 250 will handle 2 in series strings with room to spare. A Classic 200 would work on a 48 volt system with it's HyperVOC feature.
  • Re: New to Solar and Beginner Off-Grid Setup

     Dennis461,      And I quote,     "Now, I have an inverter that did not behave properly and the inverter vendor told me to connect the inverter directly to the battery, which in my professional opinion was not correct." What is your profession? I certainly hope it doesn't have anything to do with electronics, Solar or renewable energy if you are giving out this kind of advice.
  • Re: 200 watt solar wiring

    The first thing I see on the Amazon page for the meter is some pretty clear diagrams. Sounds like you don't want to do any of the work yourself and need to pay an engineer to draw up some custom drawings then pay someone to do the install.