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  • Re: Battery question... One 12v or two 6v

    Are you sure the pond pump isn't 12volts @4 AMPS? Your numbers sound very low for a water pumping device.
  • Re: Trace DR 2424 inverter fix.

    This inverter is supposed to be a replacement for a friend's Trace 2412 version. I really wanted to keep it looking original. I had another suggestion from a member on a different forum to use a remote power switch intended for this inverter. I have ordered a new remote switch and am hoping this will be the simple way to remedy the problem. 
     BTW The button/shaft of this switch is about as thick as a pencil lead and the base is about 1/4" x 1/4", In other words its TINY
  • Re: Supplementing off grid system with extra AC

    How is the GTI connected? Most of the cheap imported ones simply "plug in" They aren't UL listed and could be a liability in the event of a fire. Insurance companies may void your coverage if this was the cause of a fire.
  • Re: New Setup with (3) 310 watts Solar panel; (1) MPPT 80 and 3500 12v inverter

    That charge controller isn't an MPPT controller. It wont work well with those panels. 
     You need to lose the 12 volt inverter and get a 24 volt pure sine wave inverter. 3500 watts is way too big for a 12 volt system. It is also too high of wattage for your needs. All it will do is drain your batteries faster, even while doing nothing, sitting idle.
     You can use that charge controller with those panels if you go with a 24 volt system. Sell the inverter and buy the correct one. Wire the panels in parallel and get some deep cycle batteries. A good starter battery is a GC2 6 volt golf cart battery. 4 in series will give you a 24 volt bank,. you might need 8 of them though with your loads.

  • Re: Why is this setup failing?

    Maybe a dumb question, but I have to ask. Are the solar panels actually in the sun? While you can get some voltage from panels even indoors under artificial light you will get no appreciable current. Are they oriented correctly and in full sun?  The rated amperage should only be expected in full sun and will be substantially less with poor orientation. Are the panels a long distance from the panels, and if so what gauge wire are you using?