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    I found this on another forum and this guy has 8 tons of geothermal.  When his 5 ton unit is running, I think it's only pulling about 3.5kW.  That seemed pretty good to me.  That's my only gauge on understanding how much energy geothermal would pull.  We would do ground loops and not from our well.  Dave, how else are mini splits used other than wall hanging?  I'm not sure what the Schneider system is illustrated relevant to mini-splits, is that the wrong attachment?

    OK I have:
    8.4KW Grid tie, never seen more than 7.9, without the geothermal cooling my elec bill is $25-$50, with the geothermal cooling it's $250.
    Unless you can use pump and dump, I would never recommend geothermal, I have a field 50'X50' 1/4" copper ground loop manifold grid loops 10' underground (I own a backhoe) connected to the compressor with 1" and 3/4" copper.  Problem with a ground loop/field is in the winter, especially with your high ground water, it will freeze, think of it as an typical heat pump where the coils freeze up, you don't get heat exchange.  That said we heat with an outside air combustion fireplace, I would recommend a name, but I completely re-built it my self as the original one burnt thru.  Plus we have a pellet furnace, thermostatically controlled, the best heat source I have ever seen, 1 ton of pellets last me 2-3 years (1 ton=1 pallet buy on sale), it's an Englander, bad design for the glow starter, it stays on until the combustion cycle ends (count on one glow plug per year).  Plus we have solar hydronic  heating in the slab, I used polybutalene, as it was available at the time, now use PEX with a vapor barrier now, it's aluminum tube in the PEX for some reason... I have 8 each 4'X10' panels, combination of Gobi and Sunpower, storage is 1300 gallons of RO water, that will provide 90% of all heat needs for a 3,500' house on sunny days.  Insulate the slab on the ground and between the slab and stem walls, which is the type of building we do in Arizona, I probably have 10-20 nights below freezing, some down in the teens, which is when you use the fireplace and call in sick to work.

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    I think you made the best choice based on your situation, myself I'm waiting for the Krypton-Iron batteries to come down in price before I make the plunge to an off-grid solution.

  • Re: power inverter in van dc to ac power

    Did you notice that the compressor you linked to, needs to be greased every 5 hours of operation?
    You did notice that the compressor that was linked to has an electric clutch so it only operates then you need it, filling up tires, air shocks, or that cool air-pneumatic jack that harbor freight sells.  So it's 5 hours of uses, which could be a normal oil change length of time.