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  • Re: US will meet Paris accord commitments even if Donald Trump withdraws

    engineer said:because renewable energy will be the cheapest form of power in almost every country by 2020 (With the exception of a few countries in Southeast Asia).

    sounds like good news ( of course not for Trump!)

    Currently, and call me out on this experts, but Solar is not now, and probably will never be cheaper than other current types of energy, Coal, Natural gas, Hydro, Nuclear .

    Solar has been and is only cheaper with net metering at sell back rates equal to buy rates, and then only with rebates from the US Government (that's our tax dollars at work), and rebates from Electric Utilities which were mandated to have 5% renewable energy by 2020, that is going away as well as the net metering dollar for dollar by/sell rates.

    We pulled out of the Paris accords because of the Billions of dollars that we the US Government (that's our tax dollars at work), would have had to pay other countries to clean up their CO2 emissions... sound fair to you, not to me...

    I'm not sure what your "not for Trump" comment applies to, do you think Trump is against more sustainable energy sources, or is he just a smart businessman?

  • Re: Newb Question: Wiring

    Hmmm try a VOM when the sun is shining, that should be a pretty good indication.

  • Re: power inverter in van dc to ac power

    Lumisol said:
    You assumed a machine that wasn't running needed to be re-greased. But that's all been cleared up, let's move on now, shall we?
    No what he really assumed was that the compressor was running all the time, which was a valid assumption until you read the set up of how it was being used.
    Let's see how many posts we can drag this dead cat thru.