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  • Re: Cleaning solar panels effectively

    myocardia said:
    Solray said:
    Mine have glass panels that cover them and cause the heat to intensify.
    Your solar thermal panels have glass over them, or your electrical solar panels (PV, in other words) have glass over them? If you mean thermal panels, what brand are they? 
    "Good" Solar hot water panels have glass-aluminum construction, I have 4 from a previous house, which were Sunpower out of Phx, not sure it's the same Sunpower as today, this was from back in the 70's, I also have 4 new which were an insurance replacement from a fire that took out the other 4 sunpower panels that I was going to use.  The new ones are "Gobi", when installed, which hopefully will happen this fall, it should heat my hydronic floors about 80-90% of the time.  My location is SouthEastern AZ, at 5,000 feet.

    Solar panels without glass are most likely for heating pools.

  • Re: power inverter in van dc to ac power

    Did you notice that the compressor you linked to, needs to be greased every 5 hours of operation?
    You did notice that the compressor that was linked to has an electric clutch so it only operates then you need it, filling up tires, air shocks, or that cool air-pneumatic jack that harbor freight sells.  So it's 5 hours of uses, which could be a normal oil change length of time.

  • Re: Please Explain To Me As If I Was A 3 Year Old:

    solarvic said:
    The main reason some people have stinky washing machines is because they are too lazy to clean them out.
    The reason front loading washing machines get stinky (moldy) is because the door seals so well, top loaders don't seal at all.
    My wife has the solution for the LG that we have... it's complicated, so pay attention... leave the dang door open!