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  • Re: US will meet Paris accord commitments even if Donald Trump withdraws

    Solray said:
    Non partisan Patriotism, not partisan politics. :)
    You are right, I do not have the goals of redistributing the worlds wealth from the richest countries to the poorest ones, I would rather the poorest countries work to do better for themselves so the entire global community grows together rather than bringing the richest countries down to a common level with the poorest ones. All countries have ways of improving even if they lack natural resources because they have the most prized and valuable commodity in the human mind and the ideas it can produce.

    I am for improving the quality of life in the US and in the rest of the world by improving the quality of life in the poorest areas but not by lowering it in the wealthiest ones.

    Schools teach down to the slowest child's abilities and we now have the worst test scores in history as a result. 'No child left behind' sounds great until the scores come in. When I was in school you had to earn your right to get placed in the advanced classes and it was a goal worth attaining.
    Like I said, you have a lot of partisan political goals, so you are going to come to different conclusions.

    It is a sad commentary on how we view science today that political supporters discard science as soon as it disagrees with their political views.  We as a country used to base our decisions on science; that's how we defeated polio, got to the Moon, created the US power grid and the first nuclear reactors and weapons.  Today we base which science we "believe" on personal political views.  People decide that vaccines don't work, or climate change isn't real, because the president holds a similar view, rather than basing it on any sort of factual evidence.  They see denial of those parts of science as a necessary prerequisite to party loyalty.

    This was tried in the former USSR; Lysenkoism was the term used for a program that rejected any science that did not match the government's politically correct views.  To say that it didn't work would be an understatement.

    To get this back on topic, solar in the US is growing rapidly, and has passed the point of economic feasibility without subsidies.  The big challenges we are going to see in the next few decades are storage and control; with so much cheap solar available, the demand for solar storage (on both sides of the meter) is going to be large.  At Intersolar this year there were over a dozen companies offering storage solution, whereas last year there were about 3.

    The (political, also economic) question we might want to answer is - do we want the US to lead in this field, or should we pull back and let others take the lead?
  • Re: US will meet Paris accord commitments even if Donald Trump withdraws

    Solray said:
    I'd much prefer more CO2 in the air, since that fluctuates naturally and is absorbed by the earth without long term damage, than create billions of tons of toxic waste from solar panel production.
    Coal power plants put far more toxic waste in our atmosphere, land and water than solar panel production - including nuclear waste, some of which ends up in US schools.  So if your goal is reduction of toxic waste, prioritizing solar over coal makes a lot of sense.
  • Re: US will meet Paris accord commitments even if Donald Trump withdraws

    Solray said:
    There is also a tremendous amount of proof that climate change precedes mankind's tiny input by millions of years. :) So, what cars caused the end of the last ice age and period of global warming?  What about the one before that? and the one before that one? 
    A great many things.  Meteor impacts.  Massive vulcanism.  Changes in insolation caused by the Earth's orbital parameters (google Milankovitch cycles.)  The fact that the climate changes after big changes in the Earth is nothing new; the only thing new this time is that humans are driving it.
  • Re: The smartflower seems interesting

    Comes in grid-tie and 2 off grid storage sizes.

    Installation looks pretty simple
    Seems like a lot of cost and complexity for a simple solar system.  Perhaps if it was in an area with insane winds or hail, or nasty neighbors who will fight you tooth and nail on what it looks like, the ability to stow the array might be useful.
  • Re: Wind & Solar Charge Controler one battery bank

    Lumisol said:
    You are assuming that kite effect is the only thing that makes a turbine turn, there is also Bernoulli's principle.
    The idea is one that will work and not damage any A/C components in any way. Again, basic common sense.
    Bernoulli's principle does not cause any back pressure. 
    Lift does indeed cause backpressure.  Ask any pilot what ground effect is, or why a windmilling prop is bad during an engine out.

    You are correct, that will not damage any A/C components.  It will merely cause the system to run less efficiently.