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  • Re: Is The Party Over?

    I never quite understood the German push for solar, with 6 months of pretty dreary cool weather a year.
  • Re: Why is this setup failing?

    The first thing I would try is hooking up each pump to a known voltage/current source such as a 12vdc power supply or battery(s). This takes panel issues off the table for now and confirms the pumps work. As mentioned earlier in the thread, the uncontrolled voltage from panels may have been too high and the pumps may be damaged.

    To check the panels, you could test output with a small 12v automotive light bulb? Some multimeters can check current up to ~10a. I would check the pumps first though.
  • Re: Solar panel installation questions for lithium batteries and controllers

    In parallel, shading isn't nearly as big an issue as it would be with a series string. 10' isn't far, so not much to be saved by doing strings anyway.

    I don't know how much these Victron units cost, or if the features that are typically included with larger controllers are useful to you, but I'd be inclined to consider one or two larger units rather than 5 small ones.
  • Re: Very close to max wattage on my Classic 200

    Splitting the array with a second classic also has the advantage of some redundancy for when a controller fails.

    If you do stay with the single classic, you might want to inspect it regularly to make sure vents don't get blocked. I haven't had a problem yet, but I have to think a warm classic might make a nice nesting place for a critter.
  • Re: Panel Shade Affect on Entire String

    I wouldn't worry about dew. If there isn't enough sun to vaporize it, the panels wouldn't be producing much anyway.