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  • Re: Cost effective backup system, with future solar

    Yep and you are in the specific reason range that I would do this for. A technical and skilled user that has time to run the system. There are far too many that do not have time to even monitor, let alone make the adjustments you do. A generator often is hard to beat with the grid.
  • Re: Newbie ready to go off grid

    The home power system has to be designed to run the split. Probably the biggest mistake made is using something over 12,000 btu.
    If the home is really large then multiple systems might have to go in. If the home is designed on the "great room" principal then possibly a ducted fan can move air from the great room to rooms with doors closed or long hallways.

    It all can be done for very little energy if it all is done right from the start. It helps also to be in an area that does not have high humidity but that can be solved by adding more power and storage. I have done these for 10 years now from cabin budget to "please just bill me" as I do not want to be overly concerned.

    Drop me an e-mail.

    The 120 vac units would really not ever be used for offgrid as there are very few that get over 16 SEER.

    Ours ran for a month this summer 24/7 because of wildfire smoke. We normally cool off at night and it is dry up here in the mountains.
    We would have had to leave or have suffered lung damage from the smoke without the split. It was a game changer 10 years ago when I took a gamble that variable speed meant variable loading. Best gamble I ever made ;)
  • Re: Impressions from Intersolar 2017

    Go to the Vegas Show SPI, much bigger!  The Intersolar is for people in hot places and they get to cool down in San Francisco  ;)
  • Re: Totally lost

    Try the store here, they are excellent and we have mutually referred each other over the years. If you have time it is best for you to slowly learn all of this. In the end few will be there to help offgrid when you really need help. Good Luck!
  • Re: Cost effective backup system, with future solar

    If you do switch to propane down the road, convert to a propane generator. During a major outage the gas stations can't pump fuel and you will run out. Our town was evacuated for 7 days and 5,000 people left. Many tried to stay but they ran out of gasoline and it was hot and smokey without cooling. They came home to science projects in their refrigerators and had to take them to the dump. All of the grid tied homes had gasoline generators with 500 gallon propane tanks. Not a good plan!

     A few of my grid clients had the SMA secure power inverters with LG inverter refrigerators and they ran during the day and did well unattended. You just have to plan for it!

    Offgrid was a piece of cake as it is a normal day!  Good Luck!