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  • Re: Is it safe to connect a Xantrex Prowatt 2000 to my home's main panel?

    STOP... DON'T DO THIS in this way... It is unsafe, generally illegal, can injure/kill somebody, and void your house/fire/liability insurance.

    There are manual transfer switches and hardware that can interlock panels--But you have to have the right LISTED hardware to do this (and probably a licensed electrician). You will not find any (that I can think of) that would bridge the two phases together when on 120 VAC inverter power.

    What you can do is:
    1. wire up a second sub panel+transfer switch to connect your inverter and power some circuits.
    2. wire up a manual transfer switch to your existing panel
    3. other options.
    The simplest and less amount of work is to purchase a manual transfer switch and wire it to the circuits you would like backed up.

    You (or your electrician) wire up the external transfer switches to your local panel and to your AC inverter, and you should be good to go.

    There are some things to be careful about when using 120 VAC to power "both" phases (120/240 VAC split phase power)... Basically, you have to understand how the neutral is wired in your condo...

    Many places will wire a Black+White or Red+White for 120 VAC circuits. Sometimes, you will find Black+Red+White in one set of Romex (or old knob and tube) wiring. With red+black "hot" wires, they are 180 degrees out of phase--So that when you use power on Black+White, the power on Red+White will "cancel out" the current in the white wire (i.e., 10 amps on black and 8 amps on red will give 10-8=) 2 amps on the white.

    If you wire the blk+red to the same 120 VAC source, the current will add instead (10 amps + 8 maps = 18 amps on white). You have to understand how your condo is wired, and if the circuits you want to back up have a common neutral or not (i.e., you cannot run 120 VAC to blk+red on a common neutral circuit).

  • Re: Sunmodule SW 350 XL Mono by SolarWorld

    SunPower--Is that the "German" company (makes very nice, high efficiency panels)?

    That SunPower does not sell "retail"... You might have to go to a GT solar installer that sells SunPower to see if you can buy them through their office. (?)

  • Re: Batteries never charge 100%

    What is the Absorb voltage you measure at the battery with a good DMM?

    Is the voltage being held at 14.40 volts (or whatever), or is the voltage dropping too?

    Normally, I would expect the charge controller to hold 14.40 volts for at least two hours once the absorb voltage is reached (from bulk to absorb).

    AGM's are very sensitive to overcharging.... So, I am not sure I would panic at this point. Reaching >90% every day (or even just a few times a week) is usually "good enough" for flooded cell batteries.

    And how are you measuring the xx% SOC? Batteries rest for a few hours and you measure the resting voltage? Or are you using a battery monitor or something else?

  • Re: My absence is/was probably not noticed...

    Re: My absence is/was probably not noticed...

    Tony, we have missed you greatly. Hope things are working out well for you. And looking forward to you being able to spend some more time here. Your posts are always highly informative.

    Take care and good luck!
  • Re: Forum Disaster

    No one planned on the upgrade being such a problem... Some of the changes were for security and support issues.

    Hopefully, the next software vendor will be able to address these issues (and there will probably be some teething problems too :cry:).